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The 2 most profitable questions in business.

"YES?"  If you have been to conference or attended the presentation of nearly every motivational speaker, you have heard the tried and tired

   "YES? - SAY YES!"

call and response audience engagement tool.  

"Get he audience saying yes and they will buy from you" is the call from marketing trainers. But, the last thing real customers really want it some NLP voodoo tricking them into buying.  

As much as you want your prospects to Say YES! to your offer, THEY want you to Say YES! to them and know the two questions that they are all asking.  

"All Business Is About Relationships"  Sir Richard Branson. 

Second only to your skill and expertise  is your ability to develop and foster relationships with your staff, your patients, and your prospects.  

In Fact - every person you contact in your practice, is looking for a relationship they can trust and rely on.  

As a business owner or office manager, the business of relationships is vital to a profitable and stress free practice.  

The inability or unwillingness to develop relationships with the staff, prospects, and customers, is the fastest way to business stress, loss of customers, and staff turnover. 

No one can afford that, and it is easy to change.

Relationship researcher John Gottman discovered  he could predict the success or failure of a relationship with a 94% accuracy after observing a couple for just 20 minutes.  

Gottman's research indicated that 3 variables determined the success of relationships.  

     1. Express interest. 

    2. Be gentle in conflict.

    3. Repair negative interactions.

Prospects, clients, and staff are all looking for the same 3 things that Gottman found. They are asking the same questions to see if you can do it.

Would your "relationships" say you answer a solid YES! when they ask -

  • A.R.E. you there for me?
  • A.R.E. you meeting my needs?

Let's  get you saying YES!

     #1 "A.R.E. you there for me?"

A simple request.  What they want to know is,

     "Am I really a person, or just a transaction?
     Do you know who I am, or just me case notes and chart?"  

Here is how you Say YES!

     Be accessible.  Prospects, Clients, and Staff need to be able to access us to know we are really there for them.

     Be Responsive. There is nothing worse than putting out a bid for accessibility and having it fall flat. 

     Be Engaged. We've all experience the modern phenomena of Phubbing - talking to someone more interested in their phone. There are more ways to phubb than staring at your device during a dinner conversation.  Be engaged, present, and connected to the person you are with. 

Saying you A.R.E. there for them is the fastest way to ensure your staff  they are wanted, welcome, desired in the practice, and that their job is secure.  

In essence you are answering the second question when you say YES! to the first. 

#2  "A.R.E. You Meeting My Needs?"

Simple, straight forward, and the foundation to serious profitability and rewards.

Meeting their needs is what all staff and clients are looking for. When you do means that they are able to say the following about being in your practice:  

     "You make me feel Safe/Secure."

     "Being with you increase my security in life."  

     "You give me Control in my world." 

     "You help me feel that my world is in Control".

     "You "love" me and I feel I Belong here."

     "You increase my sense of Social and Self Esteem"

These 4 core needs are what establish the foundation for every action we do.  

The art of staff management (leadership) is ensuring that everyone hears a loud YES! 

Start Saying YES! and they will say YES! to you and your profits.

The Profitable Practice Blueprint program helps you meet these needs and to say "YES! I am meeting your needs!!", so you can see the referrals increase, the patients return.

YOUR Practice Therapist,
Brett M. Judd MSW

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