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Be The Only Choice For Your Prospects

How do you ensure that your clients will choose you over any other option?
Don't get looked over in the Google search results. 

"I think that all of you need to step it up and get on the monthly calls!" 

That was the chastisement that a coach gaveGoogle ads in a large meeting of the members.

The involvement on the monthly calls was lacking and the scolding was to excite them to be on the call.

Maybe you have had similar feelings about your clients. Why aren't they showing up or coming back?


I used to have similar thoughts with clients who failed to show, and I felt frustration, especially with the ones who came intermittently and then complain that the sessions aren't working.

As I considered this demand to "be on the calls", my initial reaction was

"Make the calls engaging and of greater value so they will want to show up."

That is actually the easiest way to make sure your prospects and patients show us well.

Here are 3 ways to do just that . . .


1. Be of value to the client.

Simple, right?   Not really.

As providers of our craft, we can easily get routine - boring - service centered.
When we maintain focus on the client, the routine root canal is no longer routine.

My therapy clients came because they wanted more than someone to pick at their issues. 

Everything must be of value to the patient/prospect.

It must be all about them.

Value is also not universal to everyone.  The reason one patient meets with you is often very different than the next.  The more you are engaged in them, the more value you will bring to their experience. 


2. Make it fun.

Whatever attitude and culture is prevalent in the practice will ooze all over your clients.

The more fun you are having in the practice the more excitement the patient feels when they come in. Energy is contagious. Emotion is felt and reflected. Changing the way that the practice feels is as easy as getting out, dusting off, taking a break, and coming back energized.

Imaging what would happen if you took your staff to the batting cages, a paintball or laser tag center, mini golf.  ANYTHING!! Get out and play. 

Your clients will be drawn to you, not repelled from you.


3. Meet their needs.

"No one wants what you are are selling!" A coach told me how when he discovered that truth about his pizza business, he transformed it to a multi location chain. He said he stopped selling pizza and started selling time.  

Eric taught me that it is not about our skill or craft, but what they get from that craft.  

They come to us because we are able to meet their needs. Eric discovered his pizza was the source of family time and fun.  When I had my private therapy practice, I was in the business of hope, and happiness. 

If you are selling a service, you have missed the point, and they won't buy.

Here is the great part.  Selling needs is easy. There are only 4.  They are the same for all of us.  

They never change, but they drive everything we do.

We are all seeking control, safety, belonging, and esteem.  

When you understand what it is that they are really seeking, you can sell them what they really need. 

Know what you are selling so you can meet their needs and they will meet yours.

These 3 core principles are vital for prospects and patients, AND they are the foundation for profitability in your staff. 

The most productive teams are ones that enjoy their work, feel valued, and know that the practice management know and value their needs. 

Staff will be more productive and there will be less internal drama when these 3 principles are the driving values shaping the leadership of the practice.

The key element in increased cash-flow, for patient retention and increased referral, and for a vibrant profitable staff is all about the way you engage their needs.  

A.R.E. you there for them? A.R.E. you meeting their needs?  

This is what makes your more money without the brain damage of private practice. 


Brett M. Judd MSW Say YES! coach 
"Say YES! to them. so they can Say YES! to you." 
"The more money you've made, the more people you've helped."

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