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T.E.A.M. Leadership In The Age of Millennials

Practice Management and staffing has changed.

Not only did the economy shift and the business landscape alter Millennial Staffbecause of it, Millennials have entered the work force in mass numbers and have altered the way business management functions from here forward. 

No One Wants To Be Managed - But EVERYONE Will Be Lead.

No other generation has ever caused so much conflict and at the same time given so much potential to the modern business. In order to adapt, practice management and staff procedures must adjust.  Survival in the Millennial Age requires it. 

Maybe you've heard, and likely you've said it.  

"They won't keep schedules, they don't follow instructions, they have no sense of authority."

If you have, you are absolutely right, they don't. At least not like employees used to.  With the change in tyhe work force comes a change in leadership - for the better.

Adam Walton, general manager of the Big Bear Diner in Pocatello Idaho stated that

"after the economic crash, workers began to expect employers to treat them differently."  

Adam told me that employees understood their role in the bigger picture of the business.  He said "workers know that they are critical to the success of the business and are unwilling to be seen as just cogs to the machine.  From host/wait staff and into the kitchen, employees see themselves and expect employers to see them as vital to the financial process."  He added, "good staff know that they can find work easily and that they will leave without question if they do not feel they are valued and respected."

How do you transition and increase the profitability in your business or practice with this new mindset? 

The modern worker, and frankly, the modern buyer are asking one simple question that has never been more important until now to say a very emphatic YES! to.  That question . . .

"A.R.E. You There For Me?"

After the recent economic crash and the lagging economy afterwards, trust and loyalty dramatically dropped.  

Businesses closed, and jobs were eliminated. 

The relationships that people had with business was seriously altered. Much the same way that you are when you are betrayed, abandoned, or jaded by a romantic partner.  The trust and ease of commitment for the "next time" are significantly diminished. 

The question "A.R.E. you there for me?" is rooted in the foundation of all relationships.  The underlying need for safety and security.

Whenever you hire an employee, you are entering a relationship.  

The new generation of employee are entering the work-force after watching their parents lose jobs, homes, and they seeing that economic stability is a myth.  They are secretly, and sometimes, not so secretly, asking - 

  • "Can I trust you?"
  • "Will you be there when I need you?"
  • "Are you stable and secure so I can depend on you?"

To Say YES! to these questions transforms your business and establishes you as a safe haven, a secure base to lean on and rely on for needs and support.  

At no other time have we ever seen this type of expectation so openly demanded than in todays work force and customer. The power structure has shifted from dependence on the employer to partnership with them - a relationship!

A shift in the management and procedures must occur if a business wants to succeed and thrive.

Because of the shift, I have created a special "cheat sheet" that will make it painless. 

Here are three things that any business can do to transition to a new economy. 

To succeed, will require that you develop a Millennial Age Management Mindset.

  1. Build Culture in the practice that is rooted in meeting core needs.
  2. Safety/Security, Control, Belonging, Esteem.
  3. Clearly define and practice core values that are rooted in meeting the needs of the staff and customer as well as creating meaningful relationships and not just transactions.

Management in the Millennial Age is more about the person and less about the practice or product.  

Modern management is abandoning the golden rule in exchange for the platinum rule - "Do unto others as THEY would have Done unto THEM".  It is about effective T.E.A.M. leadership and empowering employees to excel in their own silo or vertical and recognizing them for their contribution to the whole. The businesses that will rise higher than the rest in the coming years will be those who Say YES! you A.R.E. there for them, and in return - they will be there for you.

You can create a leadership team that Say YES! to the demands and needs of your employees and prospects. 

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Brett M. Judd MSW Say YES! coach 
"No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you C.A.R.E." 
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